1. I’m enjoying Mark of the Ninja a lot. Beautiful art, fun gameplay, interesting story and cool music.


  2. Continuing my “games I’ve been interested in trying and finally bought for cheap via the Steam Summer Sale" series, is Dead Island.

    I’m going to keep playing it, but here are a few things I wanted to comment on:

    • Not a minute into the game and I’m looting luggage. And I don’t even know why! I now have enough “lighter fluid” and “alcohol” to be a sideshow performer once this zombie ordeal is over.
    • When I drink an energy drink, bring up my health so I know how it helped! Don’t leave me in the dark or make me go into a menu.
    • Recordings left around the levels? Tired of this story telling mechanic. Well, I guess it’s better than having to read somebody’s notes myself…
    • Stuck in an elevator with somebody giving me instructions over a radio? Tired of this story telling mechanic.
    • The colors for the Inventory/Skills screens are pretty jarring.

    Currently I’m just running around doing fetch quests, but I’m going to give it a few more plays to see if I enjoy it. I am a bit curious about the storyline and the fact that weapons break after a while adds some suspense (and hoarding).

  3. I finally bought Krater after only owning the soundtrack for a couple of weeks. So far it’s pretty decent though I wish you could zoom out a little more while playing. So far it feels a bit like a post-apoc version of Neverwinter Nights except your control 3 characters instead of 1.

  4. How have I not heard of this game before? Capsized is only $3.50 on Steam right now and it’s a steal! Beautiful graphics, cool gameplay and a sweet soundtrack!