1. Still enjoying Krater. Usually I hate games where I have to read the dialogue myself but for some reason I don’t mind it in Krater.

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  2. Played some more Krater tonight. The more I play it the more I like it. I like the setting, the music, the design and the combat.

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  3. I finally bought Krater after only owning the soundtrack for a couple of weeks. So far it’s pretty decent though I wish you could zoom out a little more while playing. So far it feels a bit like a post-apoc version of Neverwinter Nights except your control 3 characters instead of 1.

  4. Looking for more music for your post-apocalyptic RPG sessions in the style of Escape from New York? Check out Krater by Christian Gabel

  5. Cool looking post-apocalyptic, squad-based RPG called Krater. I like the style of the game.