1. Here’s what I’ve been working on during my week off between jobs: an OUYA app for displaying images from Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit tagged with the #screenshotsaturday hash tag. It lets you easily move between images and feeds and discover what independent game developers are working on.

    You can hide the text description at the bottom  (by pressing U) to enjoy all the images full screen and free of distractions. You can also open up the current tweet or post in your browser or chosen client (by pressing Y).

    Tagged #ouya #gamedev
  2. Huzzah! Got my Ludum Dare game running on my OUYA, thanks to LibGDX!

  3. Ribbit!

  4. Small win this evening - the camera now stays within the boundaries of the map while following the “player” around.

  5. Been playing around with libgdx the last few days. Here’s what I’ve accomplished using PixenTiled and libgdx together by following the Super Koalio example.

    The video is a little jittery from the screen capture software. And yes, I stole a couple of tiles from Blaster Master…

    Here’s a slew of thing I’m thinking of trying to implement (* are completed):

    * blocking blocks

      - can’t move through

      - can’t jump through

      - can stand on

    * decorative blocks

      - don’t block character at all

    * see-through blocks (translucent)

      - water blocks using opacity level

    * see through blocks (alpha channel)

      - window blocks - can see through part of them

    - water blocks

      - slower movement

    - wall jumping

    - climbable blocks

    - spawn point

    - exits to other areas

    - destructible blocks

    - blocks that don’t block from the bottom (jump up to)

    - blocks that kill you

      - lava

      - spikes

    - killed from falling too far

    - platforms that move

    - pickups

      - health

      - weapons

    - enemy

    - moving enemy

    - animated blocks

      - water

      - grass

    - tiles with different friction

      - ice

      - gravel/rough

    - quicksand