1. Last night, through a series of random events, I ended up watching Terrorvision. It’s a sci-fi horror comedy I remember watching with a friend back in high school. It’s one of those films I’ve always remembered but never though to re-watch (unlike Killer Klowns from Outer Space). I also discovered that the girl in the movie was none other than Diane Franklin -¬†Monique Junot¬†from Better Off Dead! And she did Terrorvision AFTER Better Off Dead? What?

    Oh, and the little kid? That was Chad Allen. In fact, it looks like most everybody in the movie has had a pretty successful career.

    I watched the movie using EPIX on my iPad, though they’re also available on Xbox. I was trying a 14-day trial, no credit card needed! They seem to have a TON of cheesy movies available, though Terrorvision is also available via Netflix.

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