1. Finally managed to get some of my Judge Dredd miniatures glued to their bases.

  2. Cleaning and preparing the Mega-City Street Gang set of miniatures.

  3. Preparing some Judge Dredd miniatures from Warlord Games for painting after watching Miniature Painting 101 - Part 4 - Priming Miniatures.

    Top picture is before. Bottom picture is after removing flash and washing with dish detergent using a tooth brush.

    Next up is priming!


  4. femfreq:

    Yes please, explain to me again how this has nothing to do with sexism.




  5. Q: Can I use your music in my stream/video/etc?


    Absolutely! I only have a few requests:

    Buy a copy of the music you intend to use.
    I would greatly appreciate it!

    Include a link to Disasterpeace.com.
    So that others might hear my music.

    Please ask for permission if it’s a commercial project.
    If it’s something non-commercial or of a hobbyist nature, like a game stream, podcast, animation, video journal, or something along those lines, go for it!

    Here’s a little ditty, in case none of this has any relevance to you.